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Stay Ahead of Regulatory Requirements: Fugitive Emissions Reporting in Muddy Boots

Here’s a quick look at how we’re working with our clients to streamline Fugitive Emission Reporting with Muddy Boots.   Emissions Reporting in Muddy Boots Pneumatic Devices Wellsite Emission Screening Reports (AVO) Fugitive Emissions Survey Management Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing Scheduled/Unscheduled Release   Pneumatic Devices Vent Gas Volume Reporting Process and Maintenance Routine pneumatic […]

XTO Energy Deploys Muddy Boots “Measure”

November 2022 XTO Energy Deploys Muddy Boots “Measure” for Meter Management and Field Calibration Background In 2021 XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary (XTO), faced a challenge with their field calibration software. There was a need to upgrade the existing system to a new release, an expensive and time-consuming proposition. From their view, the existing system […]

New Mapping Feature: See what work is due near you!

New Mapping Feature: See what work is due near you! Our new mapping capability provides our clients with another tool to manage their operations more efficiently. Access to a visual representation of where scheduled work is located allows you to: Optimize your route and reduce travel time. See what work is due near you. Access […]

Celebrating 1,000,000 Recorded Activities

This past summer we announced that we were close to achieving an incredible milestone in Muddy Boots – 1 MILLION recorded activities. To celebrate, the Muddy Boots user that entered the 1,000,000th activity record would win a dinner for their work team at a restaurant of their choice! A big shout out to Gerry who […]

1 Software Platform for the Many Hats You Wear

As an operator or field tech, you probably wear a lot of different hats throughout the day. Would one software platform help you manage all your roles efficiently? For most operators and technicians, there are numerous forms, systems and processes required just to capture the data for their daily responsibilities. Activities such as routine site […]