Meet the Muddy Boots Team

Our Mission:

Provide easy-to-use mobile tools for your Field Operations teams so they can spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time producing.

As part of our commitment to building software solutions for field operators, every employee at Muddy Boots – even those writing software code – is required to join field operators on their daily run to fully understand a day in their life. It’s software that lets you keep your boots on.

This is how we proudly stand behind our intuitive, time-saving solutions Schematic, Operate, Maintain and Measure that simply work. We’re not afraid to get out there and work with the people who use and rely on our tools – and it shows by the mud on our boots.

Our Team:

The sole of our company, our team is the foundation of our product. Supporting our clients and software from the ground up, they’ll even help keep your socks from wearing thin.

Glenn Kelley


Rick Tessner

Architect / Senior Developer

Mario Novello

Senior Developer

Ashley Peterson


David Wakely


Adlai Brown


Paige Lekach


T.J. Bergeson

Implementation Services

Mitch Bolt

Implementation Services

Tara Sweet

Implementation Services

Jamie Lyle