Glenn Kelley had the opportunity to appear on the Oil & Gas Measurement Podcast to discuss how to streamline measurement through better software tools. Listen in on his conversation with host Weldon Wright to learn more about how the Muddy Boots software platform can support each critical area of measurement operations.

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Appealing to the measurement professional, Measure contains those “cash register” function capabilities – analysis management, meter calibrations, meter proving, and more.

Key Features
Load gas, oil, liquid, and water analysis from any lab.
Define criteria to automatically accept analysis.
Compare standard deviation from prior analysis.
Ability to schedule all sampling.
Ability to schedule and conduct meter calibrations, proving and witnessing.
Automatically reschedule sampling for failed analysis.
Distribute accepted analysis to production accounting and SCADA systems.
View all results through the schematic view.
Automatic trending.

Providing Value
The MB-Measure system provides the ability to ensure analysis is current.
Validating analysis means avoiding costly mistakes in allocations.
Reducing the time to distribute analysis means current information for all processes.
Having multiple ways to view analysis and calibrations, as in the schematic view, means all key personnel get the information they need quicker.

Struggling trying to manage meter calibration and sampling schedules?

Worried that your analyses are not current and volumetric errors are being made?

We understand the need for a complete measurement solution because measurement is the “cash register”

for oil & gas.

Muddy Boots was built to solve this problem.

Here’s a sneak peek at how you can put the Muddy Boots Measure module to work for your operations.

Meter Calibration Management

  • Know how many meters you have and when they were last calibrated.
  • Schedule meter calibrations, meter proving, and sample collection.
  • Ensure you are compliant.

Compositional Analysis

  • Manage analysis for water, oil, natural gas, and hydrocarbon liquids from one login.
  • Minimize errors by loading the analysis directly from the lab & validate the analysis online.
  • View standard deviation and define acceptance rules.
  • Link analysis to meters and wells.
  • Push analysis to production accounting & SCADA systems.
  • View component trending with graphical comparisons
  • View analysis or calibrations directly from your schematic
  • Easily integrates with other operations & maintenance activities.

  • Feel confident your measurement requirements are being met on time & with accuracy.

    Discover how Muddy Boots can help you get there.