Online permitting. Safe work permit.

Online Permitting with Muddy Boots

Paper permitting can cause a lot of headaches.

Logistically, it can create unnecessary travel for staff and external stakeholders. Technically, it can be challenging to print, scan, email, and store documentation efficiently.

With Muddy Boots, in-person permitting paperwork can be a task of the past with the Digital Acceptance capability we’ve just released.

This new functionality allows our clients to:

  • Send external stakeholders a pdf copy of the report form directly from Muddy Boots.
  • Ensure external stakeholders receive critical documentation for the job at hand.
  • Receive digital acceptance from external stakeholders for permitting, HSE, and other reporting purposes.

The digital acceptance is instantly captured and is visible in your Muddy Boots platform.

Any of your paper form processes can now be recorded digitally and efficiently with Muddy Boots.

Watch a sneak peek here and schedule your demo today to learn more.