All in one operations and maintenance software

1 Software Platform for the Many Hats You Wear

As an operator or field tech, you probably wear a lot of different hats throughout the day. Would one software platform help you manage all your roles efficiently?

For most operators and technicians, there are numerous forms, systems and processes required just to capture the data for their daily responsibilities.

Activities such as routine site visits, equipment preventative maintenance, inspections, scheduling service companies, health, safety, and environmental reporting may have you bouncing from one form to another and quite possibly, to multiple databases and spreadsheets. The burden of capturing important operational data can be overwhelming.

Add in the demand for quick access to that data. Supervisors, HS&E advisors, measurement groups, all rely on that data to do their jobs as well.

In our day-to-day lives, we have become so accustomed to having any answer we seek instantly at our fingertips, thanks to technology.

The demands for instant access to important operational data are no different. The days of storing paper records in filing cabinets are becoming less acceptable. Transposing data from paper forms into spreadsheets and complex databases is time-consuming and inefficient.

As field staff shift from one hat to the next, they are looking for an easier way to capture everything they do in a day, on-site. Record it once and it’s accessible to everyone in the system by days’ end.

So, there’s got to be a better way to record everything you do in a day, right?

That’s why the Muddy Boots All-in-one Integrated Operations Platform was created.

One platform. One log-in. One piece of software to support the many hats that operations and field techs must wear daily.

Muddy Boots is an easy-to-use platform with mobile offline data entry capabilities. Whether you are at an office computer or a remote field site with no cellular data service, you can still record your work.

With no per-user licensing fees, everyone in your organization can have controlled access to the information they need, including service providers. Muddy Boots has a unique feature that lets your service providers connect right into the system. Manage your service companies and have them enter information directly into the system further streamlining your operations.

After all, you’re all working together as a team, so why not use 1 software system?

For more information, check out our short videos on our website under “Products”.