New Year – New Data

New Year – New Data

New Year – New data

While not quite a catchy as the now pervasive “New Year, New You” focusing on refreshing your data might be more feasible.

Data has been championed for the last five years as the key to unlocking business success. However, as we’ve all had to learn the hard way – maintaining clean data is HARD! Luckily, taking the time to refresh your data comes with none of the emotional baggage of traditional resolutions and it can be accomplished in working hours.

Here are a few tips from the pros to help you stick to that New Data Resolution (and you don’t even have to give up chocolate or drinking!)

Start Small

Choose one element to focus on, maybe that’s ensuring all your wells have the correct license and location attached to each one. You may also want to consider limiting yourself to a specific geographic area. This could be as small as one pad – it’s a kick in the pants to get moving.

The key idea here is to make sure you’re not so overwhelmed that you stop before you even begin.

Give yourself a timeline

We are all being pulled in 1000 different directions at all times, having a timeline helps keep your data resolution on track. Make this realistic, if you think it will take 2 weeks – give yourself 2 weeks, if you need more time give yourself 2 months. Try and keep it realistic but if you’re starting to get towards the 6 months/ 1 year timeline perhaps revisit the scope of your project so you can see the progress.

Tell someone else

Having someone else in the know is a great motivator. It’s basically peer pressure for your new project. This doesn’t have to be your boss, it doesn’t even need to be someone at work – just let someone know so you’re not in it alone.

Have a well-organized storage space

There are many options here, from dedicated software solutions, like, to Excel spreadsheets. This will help you access your newly clean data and make it more usable for your whole company.

Create Procedures

Now you’ve spent all this time working hard to clean it up – it’s worth taking the time to make sure you haven’t worked in for nothing. Even taking the time to write down a few steps will help set the frame for the new procedures. This will keep your newly clean data – sparkly and clean.

Keep Going

You’ve started now! Don’t stop now – keep working through those small chunks in your realistic timeline and keep the new data from getting messy with procedures.

Know when to ask for help

Hit a wall you just can’t climb? Ask for help! Maybe it’s a co-worker who is a spreadsheet wizard, or a friend who just is an organizational ninja – or even a consultant or software expert to get you on your way.

Best of luck with whatever you have in mind for the new year! Keep working towards that refreshed data and don’t be afraid to ask for help.