Field Operations Management

Manage all work schedules, field data collection and activity reporting from one customizable, intuitive cloud based platform. Optimize your daily runs and capture data on the move with mobile, offline entry.

Operate works off the same integrated muddyboots.online customer site and equipment database as the Schematic and Measure modules.

Preventative Maint

- Reduce unexpected downtime with scheduled mechanical and E&I maintenance


- Reduce inspection management time and have all inspection reports searchable and readily available for audits

Corrective Actions

- Manage Corrective Actions automatically generated from Inspections and Hazard ID reports

Chemical Mgmt

- Optimize and report on chemical usage
- Easily manage and share pump rates with ops teams

Data Capture

- Record tank levels, meter readings, etc.
- Record and trend performance data such as temperatures and pressures

Incident Mgmt

- Identify, analyze and correct hazards to help prevent future incidents
- Automatically generate Corrective Actions for hazards

One Schedule

- Define schedule defaults that automatically set your schedule for existing and new equipment

Service Companies

- Receive work reports directly into the MBO database from your Service Techs


- Optimize each site visit by providing a consolidated list of outstanding work by location for your field staff


- Report on field activity - Receive weekly field work status emails

Device Independent

- Run Online or Offline run sheets on any device
- Capitalize on existing hardware infrastructure


- Seamless and secure integration of Operate data with other systems

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