Measurement Schematics

Muddy Boots Inc. takes a "field first" approach to measurement schematic management. Beyond regulatory requirements, these schematics are the foundation of a complete master equipment database. Keep track of your meters, be confident in your well list and understand the product flow.

Building schematics in muddyboots.online puts you in control. Increasing visibility throughout the entire company with searchable measurement schematics and an integrated master data base. A step towards a one-stop solution for Operations.

Learn how our current customers are using their schematics and built in master equipment list to save their company time and money. 

Leverage existing schematics to build quickly

The bulk build process creates templates from automated uploads

Stop paying drafting fees

Manage your own edits and redlines with intuitive drag-and-drop tools

Keep your schematics verified

Role protected verification built right in

Stay up to date – reminders when schematics need verification from changes or yearly review

Make audits a breeze

Comprehensive version history of all changes ever made

Snap shots of each verified schematics version – saved to the applicable production month

Improve inter-departmental communication

Many names for the same thing? Keep them all there and keep accounting and operations happy

Meet regulatory standards

Designed with Directive 017 and BLM 3173 in mind

Stay in the know

Weekly reminder emails of what needs to be done

Secure your data

State of the art data storage – ensuring it’s safe and accessible when you need it

Ensure everyone is using the same schematics

Unlimited users and role control gives everyone access to the information they need

Create a Master Equipment Database

Know what equipment is out there, where it is, and keep track of what might be happening to it

Manage your assets

Enter and maintain equipment details and attributes

Post pictures for clarity

Leave important notes attached to the equipment

Stop the printing nightmares

Confirm sizing and orientation before downloading

Download the schematics for a whole field at the same time

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