Mobile Field Operations

In order to optimize field operations, one first needs to know what is happening in the field.

The Run Sheet has been thoroughly road tested and critiqued by field operations staff working in harsh conditions.  We've ridden shotgun and listened to suggestions, feedback and blunt complaints first hand :)

We've responded with a run sheet that has evolved to the point that operators find it intuitive and time saving.

Training operations staff on the run sheet rarely takes more than two hours!

Oil and Gas Field Optimization

Operate has evolved to the most comprehensive field ops scheduling, recording and reporting system in the market.

Any activity from pigging, chemical rate checks, manual gauge/chart readings, inspections and subsequent corrective actions can be managed (and more!).

It enables operating companies to reduce administrative time and effort so that they can focus on priority tasks.

Operators use Run Sheet for the day while out of network range, and quickly upload their days work when they are back in range.  This greatly reduces the amount of time they spend in front of a desk every day.

The offline Run Sheet works on any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easily Log Field Activities

  • Record field activity using any type of mobile device or workstation.
  • Voice recognition allows you to speak in your comments or readings when in network range.
  • Operate promotes higher quality data from the field as it is fast and easy to use.
  • Easily add photos or documents to activity entries.
  • Daily Run Sheet works even when you're offline.
  • Only see activities that pertain to each team... be it an internal or third party E&I Service company or your pigging crew.  More information on Activity Roles here.

Oil and Gas Field Scheduling

  • Comprehensive scheduling module stays current as equipment in the field is added or removed.
  • Full audit trails and searchable work history means less phone calls and digging through countless Excel or paper documents to satisfy requests from head office.
  • Field Sups can quickly see what's happened in their areas, and who did what.
  • See outstanding tasks and implement an action item with just one click.
  • Plan future site visits based on recent events using Schedule.
  • Research recent activity to troubleshoot problems.
  • Easily configure what your operators should be recording.
  • Watch a 4 minute scheduling demo video here.

Comprehensive Oil and Gas Operations

  • Simple for other teams such as Engineering and EH&S to keep up to date with field activity.
  • Works off the same equipment master used in Schematics.
  • Seamless and secure integration of Operate data with other systems.
  • No per user licenses or frantic searches for activity histories!