Electronic Plant and Operator Log Books

Documented shift log books are a requirement in most regions that have a Pressure Equipment Safety Authority / Regulator such as ABSA

ABSA requires Log Books in the following scenarios:

"The Power Engineers Regulation (AR 85/2003) Section 6, requires that a log book must be updated and maintained for power plants, heating plants and thermal liquid heating systems. A log book is a legal document that is required by the Power Engineers Regulation to record such activities as maintenance work, inspections, tests, repairs and other pertinent data. The log book must be a permanent record that can not be altered. Access must be fully available to a Safety Codes Officer on request."


The Benefits of an Electronic Log Book


Better Information = Better Decisions

Critical information regarding your operations is kept in a paper log book...

How can you and your colleagues in Engineering, HS&E and Production Reporting mine valuable historical operations information when the log books are at the plant, and you are at head office?

Do you have trouble reading some of your operators' or engineer's writing?  Problem solved with an electronic log book.  Use existing speech to text technology to let them speak their entry into the log book!


Save Time - Gathering Data

How long would it take someone from your engineering team to compile a list of all challenges logged at Pad 212 over the last 3 months? 

How long would it take to compile all of your shift logs over the last 6 months to satisfy audit requirements?

Running a report off of an electronically stored, historical shift logs takes seconds.


Save Time - Review and Close Shift Logs From Anywhere

Would you rather have your Steam Chief pouring through paper log books scattered throughout your plant, or optimizing your operations? 

Providing your lead team secure access to review and close shift log books from a phone, tablet or laptop reduces their paperwork load opens their day up for more value added work.


Make the Move

The muddyboots.online Shift Log is in the cloud, which means you have no servers, software or apps to install.  It also satisfies all ABSA Electronic Log Requirements.

Your shift log can be set up in one day and your trial can start the day after.

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