How to set up Hierarchy and your Working Area

No need to see all of the Grande Prairie equipment when you're working in southern Saskatchewan!  On the morning of Jan 18, 2016 all our customers will have the ability to work within their particular working area of their company's hierarchy.

How will you be able to tell if your company has its hierarchy set up in SPIDR? Take a look at the screenshot below... Can you see the two-way arrow just to the left of "Northern AB"?  That two-way arrow means your company hierarchy has been set up.

Select a new working area by clicking the double arrow/working area link in the top left corner of the screen and then select a new working area off the hierarchy list on the left.

If there is no two-way arrow beside your working area, that means your company's hierarchy hasn't been set up yet.

To set up your the hierarchy, you can read the instructions below or email us at for assistance.

All Screens, All Exports

Once you've selected your working area, SPIDR will ensure that your equipment searches, sites searches, Excel reports, operational reports, operator run sheet lists only return content from within your current working area.  If you login to SPIDR on another device, that working area will be carried over automatically.

If you do want to view content from other areas of the company, bring up the hierarchy by clicking the double arrow/working area link in the top left corner of the screen and then select a new working area.

If you want to see everything, select "All Areas" as your working area.  (Right on the top of the hierarchy... check out the screen shot above)

Your can select any level of the hierarchy as your working area.

Set Up

Your company administrator will have access to create and maintain your hierarchy from their Company Admin screen shown here:

Hierarchies can have as many levels as you wish, and not every area needs the same number of levels.

Mid level areas are created by setting a Parent to the area being created.  In the case below, we're creating an Area called Calgary and it's Parent is the Southern AB area that has already been set up.

The Select Fields section of the above screen will list all fields that have not yet been assigned to an area.  Check off the fields that are in the area you are setting up then click Save/Update Area.

The one thing that is VERY IMPORTANT while setting up your hierarchy is to ensure that ALL of your Fields are assigned to an area within your hierarchy!  If you have a @Templates field, that one can be left out :)

Once you have your companies' hierarchy set up, let your colleagues know!  Now your Sask. and GP teams can work just within their data... they'll thank you!!  :)

If you're the SPIDR company administrator and you're not sure if you've got things set up correctly, just contact us at and we'll make sure your set-up is complete.

Stay safe, have a great day.