From Inspection Findings to Corrective Actions in one step

There are many benefits to managing Corrective Actions closely -  safer working conditions for your field staff being at the top of that list.

Now let's have a show of hands... who is making the time to flip through the yearly site inspection reports to note all new Corrective Actions for your maintenance team?

When your phone won't stop ringing and your days are spent keeping the lights on in your operating area, managing Corrective Actions falls into the Important / Not Urgent category.

Have Confidence In Your Corrective Actions

The software developers have witnessed this maintenance planning component go unattended, certainly not because foreman want to ignore it, simply because it continually gets bumped down the ladder by higher priority items.

In response to this need, the MBO tekkies have developed a clean, intuitive solution that is available to any customer using the (MBO) Operate module.


How it Works

As your operations team does their work using the Operate module's Run Sheet, they will be prompted to note equipment condition while doing routine work.

They can tap on "Needs Attention" and write a brief explanation for any type of equipment from a pig launcher, chemical pump, compressor, flare stack or the ladder on a tank: 

Sample of an MBO offline/online run sheet on an iPad - units of measure set to imperial.

Sample of an MBO offline/online run sheet on an iPad - units of measure set to imperial.

As soon as that activity is saved back on the host database, a Corrective Action entry is instantly created for your maintenance team.

Yes, it is that easy.  No more paper cuts.

Use the Corrective Action Requests screen to keep tabs on corrective actions, and to generate Excel reports at the click of a button.

MBO Corrective Action Management screen

MBO Corrective Action Management screen