Confidence in Oil and Gas Measurement

Managing a solid measurement program starts with knowing what measurement equipment you have, where that equipment is, and what is happening with it.

With the Measure module, your measurement schedule and data can be managed securely using any web browser and be based off of one hierarchy, one location master, one equipment master and one schedule.

Like all MBO software, Measure is built with a field first approach to provide your measurement techs and other field personnel easy to use screens; we then make it easy for head office and management to review and integrate seamlessly.

Bring in the Schematic module which works off of the same master data and you'll have access to that measurement schedule and data right from your schematics.

Add a new meter to a schematic and have it automatically added to your calibration and plate check schedules.

Bring your entire measurement program together with Measure and Schematic

Bring your entire measurement program together with Measure and Schematic


MBO Schedule Rules ensure that when new meters or sample points are added to a a location, they are instantly added to all work schedules.

Analysis acceptance rules can be set for your company then overridden for a field or for an individual sample point.

Measure includes a full audit trail of who loaded and accepted / rejected analyses and meter calibrations.

Example of Analysis Review within

Example of Analysis Review within

What benefit can The Cloud bring to your Measurement Program?


- Consistency from Service Techs

Grant 3rd party service companies direct, secure access to key in their meter calibration reports into an intuitive online system that you make available to them if you choose, or have them upload or send in Excel based "mbosmart" forms into MBO.

- Either way, you end up with trend-able and integrate-able data from all of your service companies.


MBO's integration capabilities are built on a robust 3rd party mapping system. New systems can be mapped and integrated in days or weeks, not months.

Also, that same hierarchy, location and equipment master used by the Measure module is also the foundation of our Schematics and Operate modules.


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