It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Safety System?

Did you know that Operate is also a Safety System?

While this may seem like a far cry from the schematics you know us for, Operate is a powerful mobile tool that gives you the flexibility to record incidents or hazard IDs as they occur and schedule and track your growing list of HS&E inspections so you can be confident they all get completed.

The integrated Master Equipment Database with advanced searching capabilities allows you to find what you’re looking for, whenever you need it. This is a quick way to manage what has yet to be done, present current trends and safety numbers quickly at internal meetings and retrieve the forms you need for the next audit.

All recorded activities, forms and incidents are directly linked to a site or piece of equipment. This streamlines communication allowing you to be confident the incident occurred at 08-03-021-04W5 instead of 08-03-022-03W5 and confirming that is was the 300 bbl tank that was starting to show interior rust. Activities are also traceable to the individual who recorded them and time stamped, so when you need a bit more clarity on the incident you know who to call. When combined with the Schematics tool you can visualize where exactly this happened and use upstream and downstream reports to identify the impact it could have on production.

As mentioned above, the runsheet is a mobile tool. This means your safety incidents etc. can be recorded offline on a phone, tablet or laptop. This information is then automatically sync’d with your company’s site as soon as the device is connected to the internet or cellular data.  Once they are loaded to the cloud, the safety manager, foreman or whoever else might need to know can review what has happened from where ever they happen to be. Quick access to the information allows your company to identify the root cause of the incident and move towards a solution.

Corrective action requests are created directly from the forms being recorded. This means if an operator notices a gate needs repair when he’s out at site, the foreman can know it needs to happen and allocate resources appropriately, all from the platform. Concerns stemming from incidents or hazard IDs can also be reviewed, assigned and prioritized from the corrective action requests screen. This becomes your one stop shop to know what’s happening now, plan what’s happening next and trend what has already occurred.  

Beyond just safety, also works to record environmental concerns. If you’re searching for a simple way to track and record every flare and vent incident empowers your operators to capture the release as soon as it happens. Giving you access to the right data when you need it.

With forms built to mimic your current HS&E process there’s no need to compromise company process for electronic recording. Combined with API plug-ins to various third party systems, is built to fit with the systems you have in place.

With Operate, Schematics, Measure already available and Maintenance soon to come, is fast becoming a one stop shop helping make operations visible for the entire company.


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