Is Excel holding you back?

Is your Data locked in Excel sheets?

Sure, you’re an Excel wizard – you get creative with your formulas and make sure to encrypt your files which are stored on the company intranet for your team to access and use. You even wrote up a step-by-step instructions page!

And yet, the data still comes back a little different then imagined and somehow, you are making even more phone calls to find the most up-to-date information. It’s not your fault – gathering information in one place and keeping it there is HARD! Trust us, it’s been our full-time job for SEVEN YEARS!

Imagine if your master equipment list was easy to update and accessible, from the field and the head office. In a simple search could make you the hero of your next meeting, confidently stating that there are currently 438 meters in the field, 30 of them need to be calibrated this month and 6 are out of service. It’s amazing what you can be certain of when the data is at your finger tips (and entered correctly).

Are you trying to draw your schematics in Excel?

Maintaining and drawing your Schematics in Excel can create a sense of anxiety and dread every time someone mentions updating the schematics. Perhaps, it even feels like it takes more time to change the drawing then to physically install the new meter or change the flow direction in the field. Let’s face it Excel was not built as a drawing tool. And drawing is only half the battle – you still have to fill out the accompanying historical changes page to reflect the changes that were made.

Working with the Schematic module lets you make the required edits to the schematics quickly and easily. Automatically tracking the changes that were made and maintaining a version history keeps schematics compliant with no extra time spent. Allowing you to make the changes right when they happen, helping to keep your company’s data current and building a single source of truth to support your company’s operations. Reduce the little mistakes that stop your company from reaching its potential.

What is Excel really costing you?

Since you already own Excel it can feel like you are maintaining your schematics and master database for free. However, appearances can be deceiving and in reality, once you’ve included employee time Excel can be costing you thousands of dollars a year, and you’re not even getting the right answers! You deserve a better way!

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