Master Data: The quest for the source of truth

As data become ubiquitous throughout the business world the same information is required in multiple departments on multiple systems. Everyone has found creative ways to use the data to make better decisions that impact the bottom line. Each department wants to see the same data in their system, so how do you know which replication is correct? Who do you look to define the source of truth? wants to be your one source of truth. The place where your data is collected, verified and dispersed to the many systems that transform and analyze your data. The system should be your first line of defense in the battle for clean, accurate data. An integrated collection providing confidence that you’re working off the right information.

So before you load the equipment data into your production accounting system you can be confident that it is correct. When you go to pay your property taxes, you can be certain you’re paying for only what you have and follow material transfers so your accounting records are kept meticulously.

Find the document you’re looking for in minutes instead of weeks of phone calls, and email exchanges. Not to mention, as your one source of truth there’s no need to lose sleep wondering if it is the most current version.

With you can spend your time getting the job done, not tracking down documents or cleaning up data. We know how important your data is, let be your starting point.