Take Control of you Measurement Schedule

Take Control of your Measurement Schedule

Everyone has probably heard the analogy that measurement is the cash register of the company at some point. But unless you happy to be a part of the measurement department you may not have any idea what is required to keep all the necessary parts working together. Questions that sound simply can be quite tricky to answer. For example, do you know how many meters your company owns? Can you say with confidence that they are all calibrated properly? Did the items that got missed last month stay on the schedule? Not as easy as it seems…

If you are unsure about the answers to any of the above – don’t worry – you are not alone. Muddy Boots is helping companies just like yours find and maintain answers to those questions and more. Giving you confidence that your operations are being counted properly. I can hear you saying, I’ve heard the same thing from 10 other companies and none of them are living up to that promise, but hear me out.


The Secret Sauce

Rolling Scheduling

When an activity is scheduled in Muddy Boots, perhaps a gas sample needs to be taken or maybe a meter calibration needs to be done, that activity will remain on the schedule until it is complete. If it’s past the requested due date the item will show an additional “!” denoting that it has been missed, adding urgency to its completion.

To make scheduling even easier we have given you the ability to set a default schedule by field and equipment type. Need your meters to be calibrated every year? By setting up one quick default all meters will be placed on the schedule to be calibrated. Tying in new wells or new equipment? As soon as the item is added to Muddy Boots it will also be placed on the same schedule. Believe me, this comes in pretty handy when you have 1,348 meters to look after.

Best yet, when a meter calibration or sample analysis is rejected the system knows to put it right back on the schedule, so you get the end result you need, an acceptable meter calibration or analysis.

Service Company Access

Contracting a third party to do your meter calibrations? Does the lab come to collect your gas samples? With muddyboots.online your service companies can pull the schedule right from the cloud. Depending on your company’s process the service companies can even help create the schedule for you. Learn more about service company access here.

Schedule, Record and Access

From the single muddyboots.online login you will be able to manage your schedule, fill out meter calibration forms and access all the stored data, right in the cloud, to help make decisions for your company. Working directly with the labs, completed analysis are imported into the system allowing you to accept or reject your analysis and storing it in the system – linked to the meter/well the analysis represents.

Put together, this means that a simple search can let you know exactly how many meters you have in your company. A few clicks can give you confidence, knowing that all meters have been calibrated. Most importantly, a rolling schedule means even if it’s a little late, the job always gets done.  

Ready to take control of your measurement schedule? Contact muddyboots.online today!