One Operations Management System... Only see what is relevant to you - MBO Security Roles Explained

Knowing your field operations' schedule and activity is one of the first steps toward real field ops optimization...

...However if you are on the pigging crew or the E&I crew you don't want to see scheduled tank inspections, well tests and chemical pump rate checks.

We all don't need to see the full picture to play our role in operating a field safely and efficiently... How is your job related to field operations?  Here's how it can be managed in the MBO Operate feature:

You are an Operator / Pumper

When you look to see what's happened on your field run last week or when you check the upcoming 1 month schedule, you'll see activities that relate only to your job.

At the start of your day, open up your run sheet on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  MBO will pull all operations scheduled events and show all other activities you can record, should you do unplanned work such as flag some equipment for a corrective action or remove a hydrate issue.

Are you currently seeing activities that aren't in your job description but are on your MBO run sheet?  Ask your Company MBO Administrator to update the activity roles on your account.

Not sure who your company admin is?  Contact us at and we'll help you figure out who that is.

You are an Electrical & Instrumentation Tech

If it's not a PSV inspection, compressor shutdown check or a meter calibration, you don't want to see it on your reports, run sheet or your upcoming work.

Same deal as with the operators and pumpers... if you're seeing activities in your run sheet, schedule or reporting that aren't relevant to YOUR job, contact your company admin and make sure your account gets activated only for activities just related to your job.

You are a Foreman

You want to see everything in all reports and schedules!  However, you want to make sure your chemical providers can only see chemical tank levels in the areas they service, and you want to make sure your meter cal service provider can see all your schematics and can start cleaning up your calibration schedule without seeing your site inspection schedules and results.

This is all possible with the MBO activity roles security.  Questions?  contact your MBO company admin or contact us at and we'll help you figure things out.

You own and/or manage a Service Company

You have 180 techs that work for 50 different producers and you'd love to stop re-sending lost calibration reports to your customers in a panic when they are being audited.  You'd also like to be more efficient in your office to help re-coup the small margins that the new economy has dropped on your lap.

Grant each of your techs access to only the companies and activities that they work with, and allow your customers to log in to an online system so they have direct access to their work reports.

If your customer is an existing MBO customer, with a quick email to the MBO support desk they can give you access to their existing locations and equipment inventory in your area right away, so you can start tracking your work against their equipment master using your existing computers, tablets or smartphones.

You are a Company Admin

You have the power!  First, ensure you are properly supplied with coffee and treats by your co-workers!

Manage which service companies have access to which areas and which activities, and help your colleagues to see what is important to them.

If you want to grant a service company access to part of your operations such as Chemical Management or Meter Calibrations, contact and we'll get the connection established between your company and your service provider.  From that point on you manage their access levels.

Here's the one item we want to make sure you understand while assigning security roles to a service company or to an employee in your company:

If you'd like that company/person to have access to record certain activities, but have read only access to all activities so they can see the whole picture, make sure the "Operations - Show all <company name> activities in Reports & Schedules" role is assigned to them.

If you ONLY want them to see activities they can record (they can see all chemical pump rates and record chemical pump rates, but you don't want them to see incident reports and well tests), make sure the "Operations - Show all <company name> activities in Reports & Schedules" role is NOT assigned to them.

On the screen above, an Activity Based Role will be green if the company in question has at least one activity within that role activated.  For example, "Ops - Presco Checks" above is green because the HI PRESSURE SHUTDOWN Pressure Switch activity has been turned on by that companies Operations Admin.

The blue "Details" link is a toggle that will expand to show you all activities within any of the Activity Based Roles.

Here is an explanation of the "non-activity" Roles:

Company Admin - You can create, update and remove user accounts as well as manage Affiliates.  If you are a producer, Affiliates will be your service companies.  If you are a service company, Affiliates are your producer customers.

Operations - You can record any activity that has been granted to you in the Activity Based Roles.

Operations admin - You can manage which activities your company uses, which data points you want recorded in each activity, and what units of measure to use.

Operations Editor - You can update any previously recorded activity you have been granted access to via the Activity Based Roles.  You can also schedule any activity you have been granted access to via the Activity Based Roles.

Operations - Show all <company name> activities in Reports & Schedules - Explained above.

Schematic Admin - You can create, update or delete schematics.  Note that once a schematic is verified it can't be deleted.

Schematic Verifier - You can verify schematics.

Site admin - You can create, update or delete Fields, Sites and Equipment.

Still have questions?  Want more info? Contact us at and we'll help you figure out!

Have a great day.