Change coming on August 21 - Important

All of us here hope that your summer is going well!

Important announcement from our camp:  On the evening of Sunday, August 21 we will be re-naming our application suite from to

Why are we doing this?

  • There is some confusion in the industry regarding what is SPIDR versus what is Muddy Boots.  We are putting a bullet in that confusion by naming our company and our software Muddy Boots.  The name SPIDR is being permanently retired.

What does this mean to you?

  • Our application will be unavailable from 8PM to 10PM on Sunday, August 21.  Operators using the run sheet must save and get into network range for upload before 8PM or you risk losing your days work.  (see next point)
  • All Operators/run sheet users should make sure that their work has been saved and uploaded to the server before 8PM that Sunday.  Also, you'll need to navigate back to the run sheet list screen (or any other screen that is not the run sheet).
  • If you go to after the re-naming is complete, we'll automatically re-direct you to
  • Short cuts to on your smartphone, tablet and/or computer will need be deleted and re-created on the morning of August 22, after you have logged in to the re-named application.
  • Any smart phone, tablet or computer you have used to login will have forgotten your password.  If you have also forgotten your password, you can reset it on the morning of August 22 by clicking "Forget your password?" directly below the green Log In button.  (You won't see this new login screen until our work is done on the 21st).  Look for the password reset link in your inbox.

Need more information / Further explanation?

  • No problem, we're here to help!  Call your Muddy Boots contact or email us at

A bit of fun...

You can also keep in touch with upcoming events by following our company page on LinkedIn.  We'll be adding all new LinkedIn followers between now andAugust 21st into a draw for a set of our highly coveted Muddy Boots camping cups!  Whiskey or Bailey's around the campfire will never taste better ;)