New Feature - Schematic Notes

Our last "to-do" development task from last fall's Schematic User Group meeting has now been implemented!

All of your team members that have read only access to your schematics can now write a note on a schematic.  It's as easy as navigating to a schematic and clicking this button.

To add a note on the schematic, type your comment in the New Note text box and then click "+ Add Note".

To delete a note, click the red garbage can button beside the note you'd like to delete.

In the interest of simplicity, anyone can add a note and anyone can delete a note.


Some more information on this feature...

You can see how many notes are on a Schematic from the Schematics list screen... see the new "Notes" column below.

You can also search Schematic Note content from the Schematics List screen.

Are you subscribed to the weekly email that provides a summary of what schematic changes happened in the last week?

If so, you'll now also see what schematics have new Schematic Notes written on them in the last week!  Not subscribed to schematic changes yet?  Click here to see how to subscribe... It'll only take a minute!