Updates to Scheduler and Run Sheet

We have made some changes to the Scheduler that will allow for more flexibility when scheduling activities.

Previously, users would create a Schedule Rule to define a recurring activity for a specific Equipment Type, however this did not account for exceptions to the rule.  

You can now specify a Schedule Default that applies to all of one Equipment Type.  This idea is similar to Schedule Rules, however the process is slightly different.

When creating a Schedule Default it will assign a Scheduled Request to all of the specified Equipment Type.  These Scheduled Requests can now be updated independently of the Schedule Default.

For example, meter calibrations are done once a year.  You can create a Schedule Default for all equipment of type METER - ORIFICE, EFM that will schedule the activity once per year.  Now any individual meters that require more or less frequent calibrations can be customized.

Customers can now update the Scheduled Request for the meters with a differing schedule without affecting the previously defined Schedule Default.

Here's how to do it...

Scheduled Requests

This page displays the status of all scheduled activities, which allows for a quick overview of the schedule

No status icon indicates the activity is active and has yet to be completed

Indicates the activity has been completed

Indicates a Recurring Activity has been missed for the given date range (see Schedule Defaults below)

Indicates a Single or Rolling Activity is overdue (see Schedule Defaults below)


Schedule Defaults

Schedule Defaults allow for all of one Equipment Type to be scheduled on a recurring basis

Request Category

Recurring: Occurs on a repeating schedule and will show as missed if not completed within the date range

Rolling: Occurs on a repeating schedule after completing an activity.  Will be shown as overdue until completed

Repeat Using

Calendar Range: Use existing calendar defined boundaries

Custom Range: Customize recurrence pattern


Edit Schedule Defaults and Requests

Updating a Schedule Default

Go to the Schedule Defaults page (see Schedule Defaults above)

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.38.35 AM.png

Update/delete all existing Scheduled Requests

Update/delete only new Scheduled Requests

Update/delete all Scheduled Requests that have not been individually customized

Updating a Scheduled Request

Search for the piece of equipment/site using the Master Data tab and go to the equipment/site page to add/update a Scheduled Request

Edit existing Scheduled Request

Update a single occurrence or tap the edit button to update all occurrences

New Scheduled Request

Select the Activity Type

Specify the Beginning Date and Request Category


Updates to the Run Sheet

The Run Sheet now indicates the date an activity needs to be completed by

The activities will automatically appear on the Run Sheet based on the Scheduled Requests and will disappear once complete

Tap anywhere on an activity to expand the selection to record activity details


Questions or comments?  We'd love to hear from you!   Send us an email at info@muddybootsonline.com and we'll get back to you the same day.