Navigation Improvements - Schedule and Operate

When you log in this Thursday morning (February 25), you'll see that our menu bar has some changes, and a few new options.

Operators - Getting to your run sheets hasn't changed

To get to your run sheet you'll still select Operations/Run Sheets from the menu bar.

Where are my Field, Sites and Equipment lists?

These menu items...

...can now be found here:

Remember that you'll only see Master Data within your current Working Area.  For more information on the working area please click here.

New Screens - Activity Summary & Operations Reports

For any level of working area, Operations supervisors can now see activity summaries at a glance:

Clicking on an Activity Category item will take you to the detail of those actions.  For example, if I clicked on "Regulatory: 7" under December 2015, I'll be taken to this screen:

Operations Reports screen

Operations Reports screen

This Operations Reports screen will have the date range and search text pre-filled so you'll see a list of all 7 regulatory activities that happened in December.  

You can also get to the Operations Reports screen from the top menu bar like so: 

The Operations Reports screen replaces the Field level reporting screen that we hated, and we think you might have also ;)  You used to get to it from here:

...that link and the ugly screen are now gone!

From the new Operations Reports screen you can run reports from any level in your hierarchy.  Also, from the Activity Review screen you can perform the same review functions, but now you can do your reviews across more than one field at a time.

Site History - Updated

For anyone interested in viewing the activity history for one location, you can find that site in your Site List from the Master Data drop down, then click on this button:

You'll be taken to a searchable history screen for that particular location.  Here is an example:


Schedule rules continue to be be managed at a Field level, and can now be accessed here:

Make sure you select the proper field for scheduling!

We have removed the three-day view of scheduling, as we found it wasn't being used once the Schedule Rules were introduced.

Now if you want to create a single or recurring event on just one location or one piece of equipment, find that location or equipment and create that scheduled event.

Recurring or on-time events can be scheduled in this way for JUST ONE PARTICULAR piece of equipment.

Recurring or on-time events can be scheduled in this way for JUST ONE PARTICULAR piece of equipment.

If you'd like to see all Scheduled events, you can see them from this screen:

We realize a lot has changed on this release, and we feel that once you get the hang of it, it's going to be much easier to use and you'll have much better information to work with!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like a little one-on-one time with someone from our team to review all of this!

Thanks and have a great day!