Navigation improvements - Schematics

When you log in this Thursday morning (February 25), you'll see that our menu bar has some changes, and a few new options.

Where are my Field, Sites and Equipment lists?

These menu items...

...will now be accessible from your Master Data lists:

All the list screens will continue to work the same... REMEMBER, all the Master Data List screens will only list information within your current selected Working Area.  See more information on using a Working Area.

New screen - Schematic Summary

The Schematic Summary screen will show an overview of what has happened in the last 3 months. The current month will include the Needs Attention section, which is very similar to the weekly Schematic Subscription email that you might be getting every Monday morning.

Schematic List update

We're now showing the Production Month of the last schematic verification in the schematics list:

Do you have any questions on these updates? Please contact us at at your convenience!

Thanks and have a great day.