New Schematic Features

We've added two new edit features to help you create clean schematics and a great equipment/connectivity master, and added one feature for use by everyone in your company...


For use for everyone

When searching for a particular well (or tank, or meter) search for it in your equipment list:

When you click on the schematic icon, we'll highlight that piece of equipment on the schematic.  We've had a LOT of folks ask for this over time!  Thanks for your patience!  :)  :)


New Edit features



A Validate button is now available on the Schematic editor.  It is important to use this button to ensure all equipment is connected; so that Upstream/Downstream queries are accurate.

Here is what will be shown when the Validate button is clicked:

Any connection that hasn't been properly established between two equipment icons will be highlighted.  Establishing these connections are key to having a query-able upstream/downstream database.

To tell if you're connecting equipment properly, look for the green boxes while drawing your connectors, and make sure you start and drop the connection on a green box.

If all connections are intact, the Validate button will give you a happy green message... Go and high five your neighbour!  Enjoy a few of those M&M's you have stashed in your desk!

For those of you who already have hundreds or thousands of schematics in MBO, we are happy to run a report listing which of your schematics have connection errors.  It just takes us a moment, contact us any time to have it run.  We'll send you a list with links to any schematic that require attention.  Once you've fixed them up, Save then click Validate to confirm you're done.

What other items would you like us to check in this validation routine?  Feel free to contact us with questions/suggestions.



Are you new to Muddy Boots and have many schematics that are quite similar?

We can run a prepared list of all of those similar schematics through a bulk builder process that will work off of a "typical" template(s).  The process will generate all the requested schematics and their related site / equipment entries.  You will be ready for final touch ups and verification in minutes!

Feel free to contact me at with any questions, and have a great day!