Why Bother with Muddy Boots Schematics!?

People often ask me why they shouldn't just use Visio or Excel to manage their measurement/flow schematics rather than the Muddy Boots Schematics tool.  It's a logical question... After all everyone knows how to use Excel, additional software costs won't be incurred and they can be managed internally without incurring third party drafting costs.

It's true!  You can hire a summer student and be done in no time... get your regulatory checkmark and can move on to more pressing matters.

Muddy Boots Schematics are a visual Change and Equipment database, managed by the business.  This may sound much more complex and uncertain than going to your old faithful companion, Microsoft.

Well it is not hard to implement schematics in our tool, plain and simple!  Having the summer student work in Muddy Boots and/or getting us to run some auto create scripts will set you up for some great benefits you'll never get from Excel, Visio or AutoCAD:

Production Accountants can subscribe to Muddy Boots Schematic updates so they get notified when updates to drawings are made.  They can also clearly see WHAT has changed at a glance.   This feature will reduce the number of PA adjustments in your company....  How much does each one of your PA adjustments cost

With a few clicks, your PAs can get a list of all wells that are upstream of a sales meter.

When your VP of Operations asks how many tanks you have in the field, run a query from the Muddy Boots equipment list and export it to Excel.

The equipment master behind your schematics can be used to verify accuracy of other systems in your company. (compare well lists, meter lists, tank lists, etc)

There are no per-user license fees on Muddy Boots software.  It's your data, create a read only account for everyone.

Each schematic has a full audit trail, controlled by a secure verification process - Eliminate the time and stress that comes with these questions...

How many schematics are overdue for verification?  Where are your historical schematics stored?  Which version is correct?  How can you tell what has changed when you are verifying the schematics?  How long does it take to verify each schematic?

You don't have to take it from me that these benefits are real... Let me know if you'd like to talk to one of our customers and I'll make an introduction!