A simpler way to schedule field activity

In the next month we'll be rolling out a new Schedule feature to allow for greater time/cost savings for operations staff.

In the first generation of Schedule, field supervisors created a recurring task for each separate piece of equipment in their field. For example, scheduling tank inspections for 20 tanks within their field would require someone to create twenty different entries.

When a new tank was added at a location, they would have to remember to schedule the recurring inspection activity for that tank.  This only had to be done once then the recurring rules kicked in, but was still time intensive on the initial set up. There was also a risk that new equipment in the field might not be set up with scheduled tasks.

Here's a snapshot of what's coming...  Your field ops teams will be able to set recurring activity rules for each field:

In the next generation of Schedule, recurring tasks can be set at the Equipment Type level as shown in the screen shot above. In the previous example of a new tank being added at a location, no inspection tasks would need to be created for the new tank, it would automatically be included in the "requires inspection" list!

What does this mean to field supervisors / foremen?

Time savings and easier management/tracking of recurring field activities.  As soon as new equipment is added or removed from a field, the schedule will automatically update with those changes.

Exceptional tasks that don't fall within the standard schedule rule can be overridden by our existing Schedule functionality... For example, you may run most of your pigs once per week but a couple of lines may need to be pigged every two days.  This is easily set up by field supervisory staff.

What does this mean to field operators?

Field operators will know what scheduled activities are due at a glance from their run sheet, and will be able to record the activity with a few more taps.

As your operations staff arrive at a location, they will have a visual cue that scheduled activities are due. Let's carry on with the tank inspection example...

A Schedule Rule can be set up that all tanks are to be inspected monthly, as shown in the image above.

Operations staff will see what scheduled activities, if any, are currently due for each location.

For those of you who are new to the screen below, this shows only activities that your company chooses to manage in SPIDR, and they won't be displayed on locations that don't have the related equipment.  For example, you won't see a "Chem Injection Rate Check" task for a location that has no chem pump.

Once the tank inspections are completed at that location, the "(9)*" indicator will be gone until the following month.

Each of our customers select and customize which activities they want to manage & track within SPIDR.ca; which means your operators will be working with a list of activities specific to your company.

Special credit to field ops efficiency expert Vince Sterr and the operators/ supervisors he's been recently working with for their feedback on how to keep it simple!

Questions or comments?  We'd love to hear from you!  Send us an email at info@muddybootsonline.com and we'll get back to you the same day.