Subscribe to Schematic changes

Any member of your company can now receive a Monday morning email describing what schematics have changed over the last week!

Once your team members have an account, they can select which fields they want to "subscribe" to from their profile screen.

Here is how you can subscribe to schematic changes:

In the top right corner select My Profile.

Then click the Subscriptions tab.

Click the "- Subscribe" button on each field you're interested in keeping tabs on.

What will be in your Monday morning email:

The first thing to note is that only schematics that have been verified at least once will be included in your subscription. Any schematics that are in the process of being built and have yet to be verified by someone in your company will NOT be included in your Monday morning update.

Here is what will be included:

Any schematics that have been modified in the last week.

Any schematics that have been verified in the last week.

Any schematics that are NOT verified.

Each entry in your Monday morning email will include a hyperlink to the history screen of that schematic.  Here's a sample:

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us at!

Have a great day.