This button will save you time and money

If you or your team members are responsible for measurement schematics, this button will save you money.  If, however, you are a stock broker or an aspiring knife juggler, this button will NOT save you money.

We already had tools that helped our customers create schematics efficiently; uploading existing site and equipment master data from petrinex or other internal data sources such as PVR is incredibly helpful.  BUT there was still a lot of work to do... naming other bits of equipment, assigning it to a surface location and getting things lined up "just so".

This button is the result of countless hours of building schematics by both Muddy Boots, Muddy Boots customers and their consultants. That experience generates ideas on how the software can evolve effectively!  (special shout out to Brian S!)

Here's how it works

Edit an existing schematic or create a new one. Once you are in the schematic editor, you're going to see THE BUTTON on the top right.

Click it!

You'll be prompted for a surface location. If you've loaded site/well data ahead of time (highly recommended), you'll be presented with a pick list of matching locations.

Once you enter a surface location, answer the questions regarding the configuration of that site. UWI & lift type? Separator? What types of meters if any are used to measure separated products? Are there tanks on site? If so, how large are they, are they underground, are the gauged? Is there a fuel take off?  If so is it measured?

Once you've answered these questions + more, all equipment entries will be saved, plotting the initial site layout similar to this:

Just connect the dots and add the finishing touches to get something like this:

How did you just save time and money?

  • You created this new location, equipment and drawing up in max 15 minutes.  With some practice it can be done in 5 minutes.
  • Drafting companies take up to two months to turn around red-lined drawings, and they are not cheap service. See previous 15 minute comment.  Major time and $$ savings here.
  • Everyone in your company can immediately see information like this on the location you've just created/updated... Click on any piece of equipment to add details, pictures, attachments.  You now have a great medium for communication between head office and the field:
  • Everyone in your organization is looking at the same drawing and drawing history... no confusion with old electronic or paper copies.  That makes audit time much more efficient.
  • Because you rock, the boss is taking you out for a drink after work and paying the tab.  You've just saved a few more bucks ; )
  • THE BUTTON is immediately available to all of our customers who have Schematic admin authority within their account. Enjoy!

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