Measurement Schematics - Editor Improvements

As our customers use Schematics to manage their measurement schematics we receive feedback on how we can improve their experience in our product. That feedback helps us maintain our position as the easiest schematic tool to use.

Here are some recent improvements available to all customers with the "Schematic admin" security group:

Larger Edit Area:

Click the "Toggle Kiosk" button as shown to give yourself more screen space for editing.

Natural Scrolling/Simplified use of arrow keys for fine movement:

You can still used the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys for finer movement.

You can now also use SHIFT with any arrow key to move all selected items 5 points per keystroke... this is one of my favorites!

Easier navigation through large schematics:

In the older version of the editor, once you had opened up a few "accordions" of schematic elements, the navigation pane would scroll right off of your screen.  That pane has been moved to the the top of our element list so it's always readily available for use.

Rotating elements - fixed:

We had a bug that prevented rotated elements from being saved... what a pain!  It's been fixed.

Quick zoom in / zoom out:

Tapping the "+" or "-" key on your keyboard will zoom in / zoom out on your schematic.

Send backward / bring forward:

Use the Arrange options from the menu, or use Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F to send any element behind another, or to bring it forward.  This is especially handy when a product flow line hides some of your element description.  Simply highlight the product flow line and send it backwards so your text is now readable.

Keep the feedback coming!

Email your questions and suggestions to  We'll always respond!  If you don't love our products, we're not done working.