Keeping up with schematic changes

So your schematics are complete and you've taken a big step towards regulatory compliance... High five!

The marathon of drawing, field validations, and verifications is behind you and now you can carry on with your other work.

...Except that in the last month you've just tied in 5 single well batteries to your Kakwa MWB facility, two new wells are now producing in Redwater and you've added a new compressor and a second fuel take-off to your Sturgeon gas plant.

Making changes to Schematics is easy... the changes described above will take around 15-30 minutes to complete.  (red-lining and WAITING for changes is a thing of the past!  Second high five!).

Now the question is:  How can others in the organization quickly see what's changed in your company's operations?

To answer that question we've taken the suggestions of our customers and have developed a Schematics History screen.

From the main menu at the top of any screen, click Schematics, then History.

Here's how it works:

As new schematics are created, regulatory requirements dictate it must be marked as verified by someone in your organization.  After it has been verified, any future updates to that drawing will show up on the history screen.

You can search for change history based on a date range, schematic name, field name and the schematic modifier's name.

For example, "show me every update Jim made in the last 3 months", or "show me all changes made in the month of January 2014".

Search results can be exported to excel for reporting purposes, or you can simply drill into any schematic directly from the search list.

Remember there are no per-user license fees, and the software is accessible on any device so that your entire organization can have simple access to this valuable information!

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