Free your operators to find more production

The airwaves have been quiet regarding progress on our field operation tools.  That's not to say we haven't been incredibly busy!

We have been working closely with one of our customers to support their needs in this area, and have also been talking to many operations folks from VP Ops through to contract operators.

Our findings over the past few months have prompted us to discard our original Operator Log Book application and re-work it in a manner that will provide much more value to our existing customers, as well as position us for some tools coming this fall that will allow your operators to spend more time finding production.

Some findings that are driving the design of our Field Operations tools:

  • Where are your operators spending their time?  Did you know that many operators spend less than 50% of their day actually operating?  These folks have incredible knowledge of the facilities they operate and can be finding more production!  By detaching them from the field office computer and giving them tools to help optimize their field runs, you’ll have happier field staff and improved production.

  • Manual tasks such as pulling paper history together to respond to regulatory audits or A&D requirements are one-of distractions that can go on for long periods of time, taking focus off of production.

  • Head office often requests details of past field activity that are only stored on paper forms at a field office or in people’s heads.  More distractions, higher frustration with head office, less time to find production.

  • Operating companies are buying mobile devices for their field staff (iPads or laptops are by far the most popular).  Other operating companies are letting their staff use their own mobile devices for work wherever possible.

  • Some companies are spending incredible amounts of money on physical field inventories.  That inventory data is being used to build current versions of their measurement schematics so they are ready for Directive 017.  The problem is that they are creating/managing their drawings in tools that are not data driven, thus are setting themselves up for the same costly manual process next year (Directive 017 dictates that all measurement schematics must be reviewed and re-approved each year)

  • We’ve been hearing about the progress of some mobile field operations software implementations within western Canada, and are frankly sorry to hear of some substantial failures.  Confusing, slow screens and incompatibility with popular mobile devices are just a few of the triggers that are causing end user acceptance rates below 30%.  Field operators continue to have frustrating experiences with IT, and trust in that relationship continues to erode.

Needless to say there are many levels of distraction and frustration for field operations staff.  The fact remains, however, that communication between head office and the field will always be incredibly important for every operating company.

The designs for our Mobile Field Operations software consider the above points + more, and our development goes very well.  Some components of this suite will be used by our customers starting this September.

We’re still not posting screen shots or videos until later this fall, however if you’d like to see what we’re doing please contact Bruce or Glenn for a demo.