Bruce Holman

Bruce is a co-founder and President of Muddy Boots Inc. and is focused on building software that serves field operations professionals.

His strong belief is that IT is a service component of an organization, not a business driver.

His fondest field memory to date is helping Dave M. dig his truck out of a snowdrift during Dave's field run. There's nothing like numb fingers and a sore back to remind an office jockey that life in the field is not about computer systems!

This isn't Bruce's first SaaS rodeo. He was the technical lead on the Joint Venture invoicing product from its inception in 2000 to 2009. JIBLink is now the de facto standard of Joint Venture invoicing in North America!

Rick Tessner

Since the day he graduated from Honors in Applied Mathematics at Waterloo until today, Rick has been building beautiful software. He has traveled North America providing advice on developing secure, scalable and high quality web apps because he's done it and succeeded. The guy is scary smart... he's our techie rock star and we're thankful he's on our team!

This triathlete & master scuba diver has had more coral under his feet than mud. Rick is anxious to get mud under his fins - ah, boots - to ensure he's doing all he can to provide great service to current & future customers.


Ashley Davison

Ashley is a 2015 Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Calgary. For summer employment Ashley was a field operator for Crescent Point and Beaumont.  This lady has real mud on her boots!

Ashley is part of our Implementation Services team providing our customers with training on our Schematic and Schedule & Operate tools.

Glenn Kelley

Glenn is a co-founder and Director of Muddy Boots Inc. and has been implementing IT solutions in the energy industry since before the rest of the team was born (well, almost).

In his travels, Glenn has gained a clear understanding of the current state of IT systems within the E&P industry. He has also wondered, "why can't these systems work off of one set of master data, rather than every system having their own set of master data?"

Ever since that question popped into his mind, Glenn has been refining his vision of a cleaner, simpler systems architecture on every napkin he could find. is his brainchild!


Mario Novello

Mario is a 2014 grad from Mount Royal University (MRU) with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems. He brings not only his excellent education from MRU, but also his first-hand experience from the oil patch... he's had mud under his boots in the Long Lake area as a hydro tester with Flint Infrastructure Services.

We're happy to have his unique combination of skills as part of our team, and Rick is happy to have a junior programmer he can start bossing around.