Meter Calibration Management


Fluid and Gas Analysis Management


Manage meter calibrations and product analysis with confidence from the same master database used by your measurement schematics.

Have a clear picture of calibration and analysis schedules and status using the comprehensive scheduling tools in the software.

Meter Calibrations

Use an offline mobile run sheet or importable Excel files to record meter calibrations.

Double click on a meter on your schematic to see the work history on that meter... When was it last calibrated?  When was the orifice plate last checked?

Secure Service Company Access

Allow your service company techs to directly enter or import calibration reports into your database.

Manage all of your service companies' access across your operations down to the field and activity.  (For example, "Joe's Electrical has access to Orifice Meter Calibrations in my Delaware field", "Mike's Proving Inc has access to all Meter Proving in all of my Montney fields")

Consistent forms submitted by all of your service providers.

No more manually keying calibration and analysis data into other systems.

Analysis Management

Define custom analysis acceptance rules for your company, for a field or for an individual sample point.

Automatically load analysis from lab companies.

Review analysis trends and verify/reject analysis reports.

Export valid analysis to multiple downstream applications, including external parties, using MBOs comprehensive 3rd party system mapping function.

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