Meter Calibration Management


Compositional Analysis Management

The muddyboots.online (MBO) Measure module enables comprehensive and secure measurement management in the cloud.

Fully integrated with MBO Schematic, MBO Scheduling and the MBO customer site and equipment database giving you confidence in a complete measurement solution.

Meter Calibrations

- Comprehensive calibration management forms and reports
- Online accept/reject


- Leverage integration and automation features to ensure only accurate analyses get loaded into your PA and SCADA systems


- Assess new analyses and meter calibrations by trending against historical entries


- Seamless and secure integration of calibration and analysis data with other systems

One Schedule

- Define schedule defaults that automatically set your schedule for existing and new equipment

Lab Imports

- Automatically load new analysis data from any lab
- Match new analysis data to your sample points using your schematics as a guide

Well Meter Linking

- Link one analysis report to wells and/or meters within pools, facilities or schematics
- Share offset analysis with new wells

Accept Reject Rules

- Define custom analysis acceptance rules for your company, for a field or for an individual sample point
- Verify/reject analysis reports