Integrated Maintenance

What if you could manage your planned maintenance and put out fires in the same place? What if new equipment was automatically put on the regulatory schedule? What if you could focus on the exceptions being confident that everything else is getting done? Introducing Maintain by muddyboots.online. A maintenance system that lets you prioritize, assign and track the routine tasks right beside unexpected repairs.

Simple to set up, easy to use and most importantly, Maintain helps you get the job done. Contact us today to see why Muddy Boots is the work order system that fits your business.

Reduce redundant work

Generate work orders when the problem is identified

Use templates to repeat typical Work Orders

Spend less time creating work orders

Create WO directly from PMs and safety reports

Stop talking and get the job done

Notify the right people - right away

Work flow directly to operators, foreman, coordinators etc

Email links to get approvals quickly

Identify problems before they happen

Use tredlines to spot potential issues

Focus on the exceptions

Keep the maintenance system running with minimal support

Use templates to schedule recurring work

Create schedule defaults for each equipment type

See what work is scheduled

Prioritise and assign your work orders

See routine mainteance and one-off repairs in the same place

Know at a glance with custome dashboard

Know where the problems are

Notifications right to your inbox

Use schematics to provide deeper insight

See the full picture

Track WO next inspections and operator notes

For each site and every piece of equipment

Keep all departments on the same page

Schedule together with the Operations group

Coordinate with third-party vendors

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